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Why Conceptic Design?

Conceptic Design is a reflection of modern industrial design trends. Our goal is to give the progressive person the opportunity to endure style in their environment.

Paying tribute to traditions, we change the external form, shifting the framework of established ideas. Conceptic Design is still a hookah, but already a piece of furniture.


Each piece in our collection is a showcase of uncompromising quality using cutting-edge materials. We strive to create the best products through the possibilities of the modern world and traditional craftsmanship.



Product Information

Conceptic Design is a russian brand of designer products, bowls and accessories in tech style.

Production in St. Petersburg since 2018, a network of distributors in major cities of Russia, CIS countries, Germany, Spain, France, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Turkey and the Middle East.


Our product range:

  • 12 designer items,
  • 18 bowls,
  • more than 10 accessories.

The future is already here.
Take the best of our world into yours.


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