About Us

Сonceptic Design is a russian brand of designer products, bowls and accessories in tech style.

Production in St. Petersburg since 2018, a network of distributors in major cities of Russia, CIS countries, Germany, Spain, France, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Turkey and the Middle East.


Conceptic Design is a reflection of modern industrial design trends.

Our goal is to give the progressive person the opportunity to endure style in their environment. We strive to create the best products thanks to the possibilities of the modern world and traditional craftsmanship.

The future is already here.
Take the best of our world into yours.

Conceptic Design is still a hookah, but already a piece of furniture.

Each product from our collection is a demonstration of uncompromising quality with the use of advanced materials.

Brand history


The first Conceptic Design hookah was created, it was designed for us by Andrey Kalashnikov.


In the spring, at the international exhibition Hookah Club Show at Expoforum, there was a presentation of Conceptic Design at the Japona hookah booth.

In autumn, the company decides to change the concept and release a new version of the Conceptic Design hookah made of steel and carbon. Building a large ECO system from accessories and bowls with a unique design. There are several partnership agreements with third-party companies.


In the spring, at the international exhibition Hookah Club Show, there was a presentation of a new version of the Conceptic Design hookah, the first CD1 bowls and designer accessories of the brand. The company concludes the first contracts with European partners.

At the JohnCalliano Summer Festival 2019 in Moscow, a new Conceptic Smart Steel hookah model and a series of unique cups printed on a 3D printer were presented.

By the end of the year, the company’s strategy is fully built to export its products to international markets. Work on the Russian market is concentrated only with well-known chain stores.


At the international Hookah Club Show, new models of 3D bowls and colored CD2 bowls, a mobile tube bag and a new version of the molasses catcher were presented.

At the end of summer, at the JohnCalliano Summer Festival 2020, the company presented the most complete range of its products. It entered into new partnership agreements and announced the release of new accessories.


The company presented its first personal mouthpiece-capsule and designer cap-windshield, thereby further expanding the brand’s ECO system. Increased production volumes by 2 times and continues to actively develop export deliveries to international markets.


Hookah Club Show 2018 in St. Petersburg

March 10 2018

Hookah Club Show 2019 in St. Petersburg

March 9 2019

JohnCalliano Summer Festival 2019 in Moscow

July 27 2019

Hookah Club Show 2020 in St. Petersburg

February 28 2020

JohnCalliano Summer Festival 2020 in Moscow

August 22 2020