Conceptic Molasses Killer

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Comes complete with two washers to choose from.The molasses catcher is made of stainless steel, the most practical in operation due to its design. Instead of a standard cone, a washer with o-ring rings is installed under the bowl. The inner diameter on the washer and the thread pitch are selected depending on the brand of your hookah.
14*1 – CONCEPTIC SMART, Union, Matt Pear Mini, DSH, Maklaud, Y. K. A. P. Mini, Nanosmoke.

14*1* -Union Fibonacci и Union Argument.

14*1,5 – Wookah Hookah, Alpha Hookah Beat.

15*1 – Hoob.

16*1 – CONCEPTIC DESIGN, Solomon, Nube, На грани, Кобра, Y.K.A.P, Soft Smoke, Matt Pear Classic, Honey Sigh, Mehanika STM, DSH Sky, ML Clan, Hyliwan, Mattpear Simple.

16*1,5 – Ferro, Hookah Tree, Alpha Hookah X, Totem, Koress, Werkbund Mawerick.

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